Anavar is a drug that is normally prescribed for individuals whom have disorders that cause them to lose weight involuntarily and it helps promote muscle growth. This drug is also known as oxandrolone or oxandrin, and is one of the mildest steroids on the market today. Though its sole purpose when introduced to the United States in 1964, was to be a part of HIV/AIDS treatments and to help with other diseases or disorders, it is also commonly used amongst athletes. This drug is very popular in bodybuilding and this was one of the reasons it was discontinued by its founding company in 1989, due to alleged steroid abuse by athletes, but was picked by up by the Pro Chem Labs company and reintroduced in 2005.

Bodybuilders in the UK who are looking to lose weight and body fat while maintaining muscle definition and lean mass, turn to Anavar. Studies have shown numerous benefits for individuals in the UK bodybuilding community who have taken Anavar, such as:

– lose body fat
– lose weight
– gain body strength
– gain muscle definition
– increasing vascularity
– improves respiratory function
– heals cutaneous wounds
– improves nitric oxide levels in the body
– increases stamina
– increases speed
– muscles are sharper and more defined
– improves focus
– improves endurance
– preserves lean tissue
– does not effect cholesterol levels

Unlike other steroids, Anavar has shown through studies to not cause any liver problems to the individual taking the drug. Making it non toxic and considered safer than its competitors. This is great for bodybuilders and whomever else uses this drug, due to the fact that they will not have any problems with liver damage down the line from taking this drug.

Anavar is also a gender friendly drug and can be used by both males and females. Unlike other steroids, Anavar will not cause facial or body hair to grow on females, or cause their voices to deepen. The doses are, however, different for males and females. Males can have a recommended dosage of 20-100mg per day for a 6 to 10 week cycle and the dosage is much lower for women at 5 to 15mg. The length of the cycle also differs from the men and the days taken are based on beginner levels, advanced levels, and advanced women levels, which is for women who are looking to bulk up.

Anavar is a drug that can be taken alone or can be combined to heighten the results. It can be combined with anabolics like: Primobolan, Winstrol, or Durabolin. It can also be combined with non-aromatizing androgens like: Halotestin, Proviron, or trembolone. Some male users who use higher levels of Anavar may need the help of Clomid to help keep their testosterone levels normal.

Studies have shown that bodybuilders in the UK using Anavar started seeing results extremely fast and had little to no reports of experiencing any side effects. The only side effects reported were not having much of an appetite while taking Pro Chem Anavar, which made it hard to eat and also, some males had problems with having a lower sex drive.
Some great results of Anavar for bodybuilders include:
– arms had shown to have protruding veins around the 6th day of the cycle
– strength improved and was apparent around the 14th day of the cycle
– chests, quads, and shoulders showed spider web veins around the 21st day of the cycle

With a properly balanced diet and the recommended dosage of Anavar, users can expect to see accelerated visceral fat loss in the abdomen and thighs with no water retention, as experienced in competitor steroids. No water retention means no weight fluctuation. This is also a benefit for athletes whom have to do weigh-ins for competitions.
Futhermore, Anavar has proved to cause a lasting effect on the body, in a positive way, even once the use of the drug has been discontinued. When continuing to exercise and not increasing calories, studies showed that the weight stayed off for months at a time.
It has been praised in the world of UK bodybuilding by men and women lifters who use  Anavar to reach their desired weight by getting rid of unwanted body fat and therefore, revealing lean, toned, and defined physiques.